College Courses Take On Many Forms Depending On Your Future Goals

The type of program you will apply for at post-secondary level will depend on a few factors. Firstly, what type of previous education do you have? Are you a student who just graduated from high school? Are you returning to school after previously completing a college education? Did you graduate from high school years ago and are returning to school for the first time? Additionally, you will want to consider your future goals. Do you plan to go right into the field for which you train? Have you thought about attending additional classes beyond college? Do you hope to complete some of your studies at college level and some at university?

Once you figure out the type of education that is suited for you, it will be easier to pick the type of college courses that will benefit you most. At Centennial College, students have 100 full-time programs and 140 part-time programs to choose from that range in length, admission requirements and ultimate credentials.

Full-time: These programs and courses see students attending class on campus five times a week and gaining a solid balance of theory and practical application in areas such as: Business, Communication, Media and Design; Community and Health Studies, Engineering and Technology Applied Science, Hospitality Tourism and Culture; and Transportation. Full-time programs require students to have completed an Ontario secondary school diploma or equivalent or take an entrance test.

Part-time: For those who have other obligations, part-time programs feature courses that can be taken during evenings and weekends, online or through print-based correspondence. Students complete various assignments and must take a number of examinations to graduate.
Degree: While traditionally offered through universities, colleges are increasingly facilitating four-year Bachelor programs that give students the opportunity to complete a respected degree while gaining a balance of theory and practical application. Centennial Colleges degree programs are the first of their kind in Canada.

Graduate Certificate: For those who have previously completed a post-secondary education there are quick-paced graduate studies that typically allow them to advance in their field. For example, those with an advertising background may take courses in a program like Advertising Media Management.

Fast-Track: These types of programs see students who previously attended a post-secondary institution or have worked in a particular field enter a program at a point that allows them to skip a predetermined number of semesters. For example, those attending the fast-track Journalism program enter the offering during the third of six semesters.

Co-op: Full-time programs offer options that see students working in the field prior to graduation and actually earning money as though they were employees. Co-op typically takes place between semesters.
Apprenticeship: Taking an earn-while-you learn approach, these programs typically cater to students who want to enter a trade and more specifically in the transportation industry.

Joint programs: These programs feature college courses that are completed both at centennial college and at partner universities Ryerson University and the University of Toronto. Students benefit from theoretical and practical courses that result in a degree.

University and college prep: In order to prepare students with credentials they need to enter programs of their choices are college and university prep classes that focus on personal, academic and professional attitudes and skills.

College Courses Prepare You For An Array Of Options

Attending college allows you to enjoy a form of learning that doesnt limit you in your options. There is no rule that says you must enter the workforce right after you graduate if, for example, you want to pursue further education. On the other hand, if you want to get into the field quicker than you first anticipated, certain college programs may offer you that option.

As such, it is safe to say that college courses prepare students for various options that make the learning experience more personalized and specifically tailored. Here is a look at Centennial College that will help you to understand how courses at a college level can work for you.

Career: All courses, no matter your ultimate goal, are designed to prepare you for a career. At Centennial College, this is achieved through a practical approach to education. As such, courses offer an ideal balance between theory-based lectures and application to ensure that students are fully grasping concepts.

Career Upgrade: Courses in Fast-Track programs or those within the School of Continuing Education are completed in a shorter amount of time because they are geared at those with some sort of experience in the field or a previous post-secondary education. Either way, it is expected that mature students are looking to upgrade or switch their career paths so all of the courses are more specialized and in-depth compared to courses geared at students coming out of high school.

More specialized programs: Some courses at Centennial College serve to offer students a foundation so that they may excel once they enter a more specialized program. These courses are geared towards students who may not yet have decided what educational or career path they want to choose, or those who do not have the credentials required to enter the program of their choice. Through these courses, they are prepared to take on the college or university environment with confidence and a base.

University Preparation: Another type of course at college level serves to prepare students for further training at university level. These courses are presented within joint programs, which see students spending some of their time at the college campus and then switching over to a partner university. At Centennial College, students can attend collaborative or joint programs with Ryerson University and the University of Toronto in nursing, applied microbiology, environmental science and technology, journalism, new media studies and paramedicine. They get practical and technical strengths of a college diploma and the theoretical foundations of a four-year bachelor degree.

Coaching And Crash Courses For Ca, Cs And Icwai

Trying hard to get through the Professional Exams in commerce stream like Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary and Cost & Works Accountants? Results not behaving the way you want them to?

We all know very well that getting through the various levels of these courses offered by the respective institutes of ICAI, ICSI and ICWAI have always been a difficult task for all of us. The Question that arises – Is it really that challenging task or a tough task or is it BOTH tough and challenging?

Why it so happens that even if we are satisfied with our performances on the examination days still we are unable to make it! Is it because of the increasing examination pressure? Or the peer pressure? Or would it be wrong if it is said that it’s just we arent prepared the way we should have been as these professional examinations demand.

We all try our best to prepare for the examinations be it for CPT/Foundation courses or for the Final levels of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost and Works Accountants.
It becomes even more difficult for students to come out confidently when the graduation classes & Articleships/Practical Trainings are going on parallel. Even when we know we are running short of time to do our studies for these professional courses we have no choice but to still manage to steal some time out for the coaching classes of various important subjects which has become of utmost importance in today’s competitive examination scenario.

We all more or less do all this for clearing our examinations. Have we ever thought that why it happens that only VERY FEW of us get through the exams in the term we expect us to clear ESPECIALLY when we all put the same amount of hard work and attend the same coaching classes?

Considering the above time crunch that we face with the on going articleship, coaching classes etc we end up postponing our self studies towards the end. Hence, we actually start preparing for the respective examination during our preparation leaves or when we are through with our coaching classes. Under such a situation, we actually unknowingly put ourselves in tremendous pressure & in a difficult position which is quite visible on the faces of most of us when we are sitting to write the papers.

What we learn from this simple factual statement as narrated above that the MOST important thing which we all generally skip is timely and regularly preparing for the examinations which at one end would help us complete our courses in time BUT at the other end will also lead to a better temperament and confidence levels that is required for the FINAL DAY!.

When the reasons of our NOT “up to the mark” performance in the professional exams is so clear, then what is the solution to this?
Friends, the solution is also as clear as the problem itself. We just need to structure our preparation time table in a better way and which is spread over a longer duration before the final day! Thats it!

To fight with the current situation, the MOCK TEST SOLUTIONS offered by Eduex is gaining tremendous importance among the commerce students community (students of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost & Work Accountants courses)., an initiative taken by few of the Finance Professionals has been brought into existence with this noble cause of assisting students to develop and execute a more structured preparation time table for their studies which not only helps them prepare for the examinations within minimum time but also helps student develop the CORRECT Temperament & confidence which is of utmost importance for clearing professional examinations which day by day are gaining intense competition levels. Last but not the least, the feedback on the performances in the MOCK TESTS directly from the pen of the ACADEMIC COUNCIL team of Eduex is doing wonders for students.

Wish you all All the Very Best for your future endeavors!